Rubendahl Consulting AS is a small, flexible, dynamic and lean consulting company with primary focus on Information Technology (IT) and Software Development. We can also assist in management consulting, business development, organizational management and several other areas that are affected by introducing new software and new work routines in a company.

For private customers we can help them get started using various tools and support them through more advanced uses. The needs here are varied, and ranges from email setup, on-line banking usage, on-line stock trading, installing Open Source software, such as Open Office package, Linux operating system, as well as basic hands-on training in using these tools.

Software Development

We possess solid competence on a series of programming languages and development platforms. Our primary focus is on Ruby and C++ on the Linux platform, which balances dynamic, rapid iterations on one hand, with highly efficient native code on the other hand, all the while based on the sturdy legs of Linux. While we have our preferred tools and technologies, we are also seasoned "Jack-of-All-Trades" covering a plethora of programming languages, platforms and technological tools.

Management Consulting

Any well-designed and thought-through software system is meant to integrate into and simplify the daily running of the company. As such, it will always affect the organizational and business development of the company.

We can help with both the economic and organisational challenges related to this. Our consultants have solid experience in managing process changes and improvements related to IT-system, with a keep sense of the specific "hot-spots" that are crucial to successful implementation. Furthermore, we possess deep knowledge about virtual teams and other cooperative and collaborative forms between people and companies across geographical and temporal boundaries.

In our toolbox for you will find among other the Systematizing the Person Group Relation (SPGR) methodology and framewrok for measuring and developing intra-group relations, be it in teams, work groups, deparments, manager-employee relations, or the organization as a whole.