Our Prices

Many technology companies have their favourite tools, platforms and solutions. We are no different. But there is a saying, "put your money where your mouth is"! So we offer discounts on hourly rates for working on and/or with technologies and solutions that we believe strongly in.

How do you get these lower rates? By choosing solutions, work processes and technologies that correspond to our philosophy and areas of focus.

All prices are excluding Value Added Tax (VAT), unless stated otherwise.

Corporate Clients

Standard rate: NOK 1024 per hour.
Fully discounted rate: NOK 512 per hour.

Costs and expenditures are not included. For work outside Southern Norway, travelling costs may be incurred.

Billing and invoicing: Consulancy work is invoiced once or twice a month, depending on the customer company preference and the type of work. Payment is due within 30 calender days after receiving invoice by email. (This equals approximately 4 weeks or 20 business days). Payment delayed beyond 30 calendar days may be subject to interest and penalties.

8-Bit Digital Discount

Some projects and types of work may be eligble for discounted rates. This applies when the work entailed:

  • is of strategic significance for our company,
  • comprises an increase in knowledge within prioritized areas,
  • our company immaterial verdiskapning.

NOTE: Discounts are offered on a per-project basis at the discretion of the company.

In practical terms, this means the hourly rate for all or parts of the work is invoiced at a rate between standard rates and minimum discounted rates.

Please see the discount overview for more information.

Fixed Range Cost with Tail

We do not take traditional fixed cost projects, unless it relates to small, simple and standardized tasks. But we can offer a "Fixed Range Cost with Tail" agreement to reduce the cost risk of project estimate overrun, transferring this risk partially to ourselves.

Fixed Range implies two limits to the offer; a lower and upper estimate. The lower limit is the minimum cost of the project, interdependent of actual work effort needed. If the work takes less time, the minimum price is payed nonetheless. The upper limit denotes the maximum work effort where ordinary hourly rates apply. If the estimate is exceeded, the hourly rates are gradually lowered for the work that exceeds the upper estimate. (For instance, hourly rates drop to 50% for work up to 25% over the upper limit estimate.)

For obvious practical and economic concerns, work beyond the upper limit estimate is subject to stricter prioritization and categorization of remaining work tasks.

Euro - International Consulting?

For work with International Corporate clients and companies, the currency for work and contracts can be specified in either NOK (Norwegian Krone) or Euro (€). Basing collaboration on Euro does imply some currency risk for our company, and is thus subject to a 5% margin cost on all work invoiced in Euros should the exchange rate change fluctuate.

Our Standard Base Rate is approximately € 128 per hour at this time,
and Fully Discounted Rate is approximately € 64 per hour.