Our Philosophy

We believe in open communication and collaboration. That is why we are committed supporters of Open Source software, open standards, sharing of knowledge and solutions. There is little point to reinventing the wheel too many times, and as such we want our contribution to go back to the Open Source community as far as possible, so that we may stand on each others shoulders and gaze as far as giants.

Naturally, there will be projects and work that needs to be kept confidential internally within companies. However, this does not prohibit one from collaborating with other companies and releasing source code that is outside the core competence and business model of the company. As such, we like to view Open Source as a novel twist on a known form of collaboration found in Northern Italy, where small creative companies that are in direct and fierce competition with each other still collaborate on supporting services. In the same manner, you can also free up resources to focus on your strengths!

Teach a man to fish...

We belive in working with you and not for you. Knowledge transfer, collaboration and cooperation are key concepts.

Some consulting firms wish to do the work for you and keep you dependant on their services in the long term. For us it is of out-most importance that the work is done in collaboration with internal employees, so that they are deeply familiar with the solutions, empowering them to change and expand the solutions on their own as well.

Put your Money where your Mouth is

Many technology companies have their favourite tools, platforms and solutions. We are no different. But there is a saying, "put your money where your mouth is"! So we offer discounts on hourly rates for working on and/or with technologies and solutions that we believe strongly in.

How do you get these lower rates? By chosing solutions, work processes and technologi that correspond to our philosophy and areas of focus.