About Rubendahl Consulting AS

Rubendahl Consulting AS is a small, flexible, dynamic and lean consulting company with primary focus on Information Technology (IT) and Software Development. We can also assist in management consulting, business development, organizational management and several other areas that are affected by introducing new software and new work routines in a company.

Company Information

Organizational ID: 996 888 460 (for Norway)

Main office / Kristiansand office:
Rubendahl Consulting AS
v/ Kent Dahl
Ravnåsveien 45
NO-4619 Mosby

Postal Address / Bergen office:
Rubendahl Consulting AS
c/o Kent Dahl
Ladegårdsterrasse 14
NO-5033 Bergen

About Kent Dahl

Kent Dahl is a Norwegian southener years of experience in Software Development and Project Management within the IT-sector. He is a Master of Science of Engineering, and hopefully soon also a Master of Science in Economics.

For more information, check out his private homepage and Curriculum Vitae.